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Some useful property websites

Google, for legal researching. Use the advanced search on Google, not just for general searching, but as a legal research tool. Click on Google.

Land Registry Practice Guides. Answers to most of the questions arising out of Land Registration can be found in the Land Registry's practice guides. Click on LRPG.

Full, free case reports. The British and Irish Legal Information Institute provides direct, free access to a large number of reported cases dating back, in some cases, to 1996. This includes, for property lawyers, cases heard in the Chancery Division of the High Court, the Court of Appeal (Civil Division), and the House of Lords. Click on Bailii.

UK Acts of Parliament. All UK Acts of Parliament passed since 1988 are made available on the internet by the Office of Public Sector Information. Note that the Acts of Parliament presented on the Government's website are shown in their original (i.e. unamended) form. This means that the Act as shown is not necessarily current law. (For example, in relation to SDLT, the Finance Act 2003 has been subsequently amended by subsequent Finance Acts. To view legislation in its current format, subscription to a commercial service provider is required). Click Acts.

UK Statutory Instruments. As above, these are shown in original format. Click SIs.

Statute Law Database. A new development in 2007 is the UK Statute Law Database. This is the Government's official up-to-date revised edition of the primary legislation of the United Kingdom made available online. For more information about SLD and what it contains, click Statutes.

SDLT. What information the Revenue is prepared to provide in relation to Stamp Duty Land Tax information is to be found at SDLT.

SDLT lease duty calculator. For a short-cut to the Revenue's online SDLT lease duty calculator, click Lease Duty calculator.

VAT information and guides. This website connects to a Revenue portal which contains VAT Practice Notes (e.g VAT Notice 742 on Land and Property), and VAT Briefings. Click VAT.

The Law Society. Click LawSoc.

The Law Society's Directory of Solicitors. If you need to check on the identity of a particular lawyer or firm, click Solicitors Online.

The Law Society's Professional Conduct Guide. Click Conduct.

RICS. This is the website of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Click RICS.

The Law Commission. The most useful aspect of the Law Commission's website is the direct access it affords to many of the Commission's consultation documents and reports. These papers usually contain a detailed analysis of the relevant area of law which are often as good as many a text book. Click LawCom.

Specific legal topics.

Home Information Packs. Click HIPs.

Code of Practice for Commercial Lease. Click Leases Code.

Service Charges in Commercial Property. Click Service Charge Guide.

City of London Certificate of Title. Click London Certificate.

Insurance clauses for rack-rent leases (City of London Law Society). Click Insurance Clauses

Commercial Property Standard Enquiries. Click CPSEs.

BPF & BCO model lease clauses. Click Model Clauses.

The BPF Declaration on Sub-letting. Click BPF Declaration.

A Guide to Real Estate Investment Trusts. Click REITs.